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Alistair Vince

Alistair has over two decades of experience; he has led product development at the research agency Mintel, led sales & account management teams, built sales functions within businesses, and is a proven commercial leader and innovator. He co-founded Watch Me Think, an independent, multi-country, disruptive research agency.


In 2011, Alistair decided he wanted to challenge the research industry’s obsession with data. He is a huge advocate of the importance of identifying the saying vs. doing gap that exists in research, and pointing out the failings of having the incorrect research mix. Clients include major FMCG companies and broadcasters. 


Alistair writes for MediaCat magazine, and curates The100, a bi-monthly newsletter on all things interesting in insights and innovation. He speaks regularly at events on the subject of consumer empathy and innovation. 


A firm believer in stoicism and that most problems are solvitur ambulando - solved by walking.

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