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Case studies 

How we have grown our clients



A startup launching a new gaming platform was struggling  to make the platform look more ‘slick’ than the competition without alienating the audience (60+ years old)

Our re-framing process identified that the focus should shift to the strategy behind the design.


The Advisory board Outcomes:

  • Uncovered main issue; team’s focus on making the game clean and simple resulted in neglecting company’s values of warmth, community, and  passion to ‘build an experience by players for players.

  • Followed up with six ‘deep dives’ with our user experience Visioneer guiding the team with his strategic design matrix to build that principle into the game experience from start to finish. 

This completely changed the design process and this start-up has now launched with an incredible design built around their unique perspective and objectives.

The Visioneers

  1. Digital content and online gaming expert (Marie Claire/TF1/Endemol) PARIS

  2. Brands and user behaviour expert (Agatha Christie/Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?) LONDON

  3. Strategic User Experience Expert (Transformation Director for WPP/Designer/lecturer) MADRID

Picture 1.png

“The vision gave us the

niche expertise we needed

to re-design our platform. The format just works; pinpointing weak spots and advising on how to solve them in a highly time-efficient way.”

Stefan Skorchev,

CEO, 7 of D Ltd



A payment solutions tech platform was looking for a growth strategy  to increase sales and user experience. 

Our re-framing process identified that the focus should shift to working on the product proposition, messaging and user experience as this was identified as limiting sales


The Advisory board Outcomes:

  • Mission, value and purpose of the product must transition from a simple tech solution to a community building tool.

  • Company to build on macro trends of the future - empowerment, control, sense of belonging, human connections...

  • Focus number of leads, best practice, local partnerships and couple of hand picked client-ambassadors to speed up sales

  • Followed up with 'deep dives' with our Branding/UX expert Visioneer guiding the team on how to position their solution as the transactional choice of client

This changed the business by identifying strategy weaknesses and finding solutions to improve the overall user experience. 

The Visioneers

  1. Retail, brand and partnership specialist (Warner Bros, Dreamworks) LONDON

  2. Sales and Growth expert (Nielsen, Microsoft, Nintendo, BSkyB) READING

  3. Strategic UX and Branding expert (Santander, WPP, ITV) MADRID

Picture 2.png

“The Vision’s

pop-up advisory boards

have turbo-charged our business by identifying some key pitfalls in our strategy…. Can’t wait for the next one.” 

Ronan Hynes

Co-founder Voilo Ltd

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A growth strategy for a VR Edtech business looking to expand their audience and reach more children. 

Our re-framing process identified that the focus should shift to broadening the product offering and how to finance development.


The Advisory board Outcomes:

  • Broaden their content - Identify partners with existing complementar and more mainstream content to add to their catalogue

  • Identify tech platforms who could help fund the development of further content and provide marketing support

  • Increase the headsets supported and allow for digital download (vs [pre-loading on headset)

  • Followed up with 'deep dives' with our platform expert Visioneer guiding the team on How and Who to approach at Google, Meta, HTC (making direct introductions)

This changed the way the team thought about their offering and gave them confidence to try new things, take the product in different directions and find solutions to problem solving. 

The Visioneers

  1. VR/AR and Metaverse specialist (Allianz, Sony Ericsson, DCMS) LONDON

  2. Media, Platform and Tech expert (Meta, Instagram, YouTube, BBC) LONDON

  3. Partnership and Content specialist (Disney, Activision) PARIS

Picture 1.png

“The whole
experience has completely changed my way of approaching problem solving. I was at a strategy crossroads, but ‘the vision’s’ fresh perspective and advice has given me confidence about the direction I need to take.”

Claire Downes, CEO,

Round Midnight Ltd



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