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improve product design

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A startup launching a new gaming platform was struggling to design a product and user experience which matched their company’s values, objectives, and customers. 

Our visioneers quickly identified the main block; it was not the designer but the design brief. It lacked detail on the founding story which was actually fundamental to the customer experience.


After a series of Deep dives focusing on the purpose and desired outcomes using our visioneers specifically designed matrix resulted in a Gaming platform being re-imagined as an experience.


This completely changed the design process and this start-up has now launched with an incredible design built around their unique perspective and objectives.

tv content

generate new revenue streams

and reach

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A leading Chinese broadcaster wanted to generate revenues from their new TV show and raise awareness, but had tested various apps and games with little success.

Our visioneers suggested many varied approaches.


The route the Broadcaster selected and actioned was a strong licensing program that would extend the show brand experience through multiple channels both online and physically in-store.


This resulted in significant expansion and engagement of their customer base and revenues. 


engagement strategy for a younger, wider customer base

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The city of Paris and Region wanted to rejuvenate their brand and showcase events/experiences to a ‘hard to reach’ millennial audience.

Our visioneers quickly identified Snapchat as an ideal platform to trial new content and engage in a more authentic and relevant way for that audience.


Through a series of Deep dives, we created a content strategy and detailed plan.  The results of the Snapchat campaign delivered more engagement and reach than any other campaign delivered before.


growth strategy

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A start-up design agency had recently lost many pitches to other agencies and couldn’t understand why. They felt their USP was a proprietary methodology that they wanted to commercialize but did not know how.

Our visioneers uncovered the key question was ‘what did they want to achieve by commercializing it?’ and the answer to which created various opportunities.


As a result, they reviewed their proposition and market fit and considered a new strategy to partner/license to other companies to use/sell their methodology.


‘go to market’ / partnership strategy

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A start-up charity had been unsuccessful in engaging its target audience. They realized they needed new thinking.

Our visioneers uncovered the key consideration: it was too hard to reach this audience directly, but partnerships would be more effective and scalable.

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