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The Vision Academy presents 
in collaboration with Spinks

Webinar: Scaling; Tools & Tactics for Accelerating Growth

This is the first in a series of webinars for fast growing businesses. 

With three remarkable speakers; Tom Goodwin, David Gosen and Chantelle Jones. 

Hosted by Megan Goodwin and Valérie Bozzetto from The Vision with Robin Beattie of Spinks. 

Our webinars are with diverse thinking founders and CEO's, providing insight and learnings on growth for scale-ups. 

The Vision Academy presents 
with Bruntwood SciTech

The Scale Up Summit: Accelerate Your Business Growth

On 19th July at Innovation Birmingham Campus, The Vision with Bruntwood SciTech and Venturefest hosted The Scale Up Summit: 'Accelerating growth'.


The afternoon was filled with valuable insights, tools, and tactics to help attendees scale.

With an inspiring line-up of speakers all sharing their expertise - from Pam Sheemar (Regional enterprise director NatWest ) on 'The Scale Up Journey',  to our fantastic experts Prasant Sudhakaran, Karina Luchinkin, David Gosen and Bernadette Thomas,

giving insight on  independent boards & CEO challenges. 


Followed by  practical knowledge from the visionary case studies of Bruntwood Scale Ups - 'Exploring Organic vs. Funded Growth' by Guy McEvoy from Guykat and 'Growth by Identifying your USP' by Ronan Hynes from Violo.

Finally, Drew Currie on 'The Hidden Gems of Funding for Scale Ups in the West Midlands'.

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