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Megan Goodwin

Megan is a digital media entrepreneur, bringing more than 18 years’ experience in Gaming, television, publishing and digital media specializing in the creation of award-winning digital products and pioneering new business models. 

Megan has been a digital strategy advisor to some of the most notable international media companies advising on some of the world’s best-known TV series (Big Brother, Agatha Christie, Dancing with the stars, etc..). 

From start-ups to conglomerates, Megan is drafted in to help with a wide range of digital skills; gamification, business modeling, product creation, etc. 


Megan co-designed the digital innovation course for Dauphine-Paris University and a creative digital strategy module at Westminster University (China Media centre). She also sits on the advisory board for Surrey Business school.


Passionate about the sea; being in it, on it, or looking at it!

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