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Steven Declercq

Owner of an international recruitment business focused on IT leadership positions. Steven owns an international tech recruitment business. He has +16 years experience in headhunting, sales management and leadership. Steven recruits for strategic positions in IT e.g. Enterprise architect, IT management, Cybersecurity officers. His key clients are large multinationals and innovative scale-ups. He is an expert at setting up a successful talent acquisition strategy.

Before starting his own business Steven was in a senior leadership position for an international agency, building and leading high performance teams in Belgium, Germany and Sweden. 

Steven is passionate about servant leadership, peak performance, team culture and talent strategy. He is broadly interested in many divergent topics which he explores through voraciously devouring books, podcasts, conversations and experiences. He is fascinated by the endlessly intricate nuances in human society.

Steven’s mission is connecting people, ideas and perspectives. As such he has become a digital nomad … where in the world is he today?

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