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Min Bhogaita

1. What do you like most about The Vision?

The combination of 3 experts coming together from different viewpoints and different industries: there is something about the format that makes you feel experimental, so you try to think differently with your peers.

2. What does the concept of collective intelligence mean to you?

Divergence of thought. If you only ever working with people who ‘think like you’ it is quite likely you will miss things. This method brings a much broader perspective.

3. Which area are you most excited to help in?

I love identifying why people need certain technologies… looking at the strategy behind tech as businesses waste a lot of money on technology they don’t need. On a totally different tack, I also love to help companies pitch – storytelling to bring ideas to life.

4. Which tech trend have you been most surprised by?

The last couple of years has shown that there we have access to video conferencing technology meaning we can work with people around the world, in terms of specialist skills for a specific project, or employees who no longer need to commute 5 days a week.  Thanks to the wonders of video conferencing, and collaboration tools, like Slack and Miro it means we can all be far more productive and have a much improved work life balance.

5. What’s important to you?

Humour, I am known for my Dad jokes: it always lightens the mood!

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