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Two entrepreneurs + 1 corporate CEO. Three very different perspectives.
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Megan Goodwin.jpg

Megan Goodwin

British – lives in London  Entertainment/Media/Tech

Background in Psychology and Sociology

  • Thinking style: action orientated, instinctive, agile

  • 20 years experience of understanding people and technology

  • Advisory board member and keynote  speaker

  • Launched global digital franchise for Who Wants to be a Millionaire

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Valerie Bozzetto.jpg

Valérie Bozzetto

British – lives in London  Fashion/Beauty/Gaming

Background in Economics, Finance and Marketing

  • Thinking style: logic orientated, structured,  strategic

  • 20 years experience of understanding  brands, gaming and partnerships

  • Board member and lecturer

  • Background in high impact brands  including Alexander McQueen and L’Oréal

David Gosen_edited.jpg
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David Gosen ( non-executive)

Background: Managing Director of Nintendo Europe,
CEO of IPlay, European MD  Nielsen, Marketing Director BskyB, Microsoft, Pepsico

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