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Phase 1: Run up to the board, definition!

Discovery session

Before session:

  • Profile client’s cognitive style

  • Undertake diagnostics questionnaire

In session:

  • Understand main business challenges

  • Refine into SMART objective to make PB session super focused.

Develop brief

  • Detailed brief produced (strategy / performance/ SWOT etc..)

  • Brief shared and challenge phrasing approved by client

Select Team

  • 3 project board members selected on experience & cognitive diversity

  • Brief pack circulated

  • Board members
    required  to submit strategies ahead.

Phase 2: The board - Solutions!

Project board  (PB)

  • Board meeting designed to unlock innovative solutions takes place

  • 3 diverse experts

  • Chaired by trained facilitator

  • Follows our diverse thinking methodology to reduce conformity bias and drive immediate, tangible outcomes.

  • Deliverable: action matrix

Phase 3: Board follow up - Action!

Action matrix

  • Client sent a detailed strategy matrix which identifies key take-aways

  • A an indication of which expert could drive  transformation in different  areas for follow up sessions.

Deep dives

  • 1 expert and a facilitator.

  • A series of practical/technical  follow up sessions.

  • Designed to execute the  targeted action plan.


  • 1 executive mentor/coach.

  • Designed to ensure actions are prioritised and goals are reached.

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