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Katherine Lews

Katharine can bridge the gap between creative and business teams, because she has made her career sitting on both sides of the fence driving effective, revenue-generating collaboration between each side. Katharine specialises in the setup and optimisation of content portfolios, content & storyline development for the youth market, and commercialisation and distribution strategy. She operates across the UK, US and Asia.

She holds a masters in business administration and creative writing, and has worked in Europe, theUS and Asia for top content owners and creators including Disney, Bloomberg and X-Factor owner Fremantle. She has also been instrumental in helping a number of tech platforms including eBay and Tiktok develop content brands and related marketing strategies of their own.


Recent projects include designing the content monetisation strategy of one of the world’s largest social media platforms.


Katharine also has particular expertise in content strategies for the youth market. She is now founder of FutureSmartMedia, and is a partner consultant at Lily Grey Limited.

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