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David Gosen

Over 25 years David has held senior and executive level roles across 
digital, programmatic media, SaaS technology and gaming organizations in B2C 
and B2B sectors. 

David has worked for a number of high-profile global companies such as Nielsen, 
Microsoft, Nintendo, BSkyB and Rocket Fuel. In addition, he was CEO of Venture 
Capital backed I-Play, a mobile entertainment business, which he scaled and sold in 2007.
During his career David has been involved with a number of high profile 
launches such as Digital Satellite TV in the UK; across Europe the Nintendo Wii and the Pokémon phenomenon as well as AI driven DSP and DMP's. 

Experienced at both buy and sell side M&A, his focus has always been delivering profitable growth through commercial strategies with real actionability.
David is now focused on Advisory Board roles helping early stage businesses plan, manage and achieve scale through commercial, sales, marketing, customer success and data strategies. 

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