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Elliot Perry

Elliott is the archetypal startup founder. A career entrepreneur of 10 years, he has founded several startups and secured two successful exits. He has assembled founding teams, raised venture capital, hired & managed distributed teams, built boards of advisors, executed technology strategies, leveraged global partnerships and negotiated and closed acquisitions – the whole startup lifecycle from beginning to end. He was Head of Marketing at a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup which sold to Logitech for $149M.


Elliott’s speciality is the zero to one of startups; navigating the treacherous journey to product-market fit by coordinating a team’s operational cadence, OKRs, product analytics & financial projections through funding cycles. He’s mentored several startups and passionate about making sure businesses are making progress not just motion.


Elliott is now founder of - a decentralised advocacy group championing remote work with the EU, UN, Microsoft, WeWork & more.

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