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  • Megan Goodwin

For the love of humans... The man fighting back at CHATGPT.

Thanks Andy for fuelling our #valentinesday post. A love for what makes human's remarkable. Edward Tian created a Chat GPT alert because he felt "Humans deserve to know when something is written by a human or written by a machine". He shrewdly used chatGPT against itself.

As Andy Greenaway below suggests AI is amazing, but if we 'leave it to AI - will we become a dumber species? More worrying, will we become so reliant on AI.. that we will not know how to do anything for ourselves? '

So when does A.I stop progress of humanity and start to erode all that's great about humans?

YES to A.I crunching billions of data points to unlock new medical treatments and cures, but NO to removing the hard stuff that makes us learn and grow... like writing an essay... the mere act of writing should make us reflect and consider what our view is....(tell that to my 14 yr old son and I don't think he'd agree) but the older we get, the more we realise that graft is necessary to develop. Creative problem solving is a vital part of human and cognitive development.

There is nothing like the buzz you get when you solve something hard, almost out of your reach... and if you are doing in a team, that incredible sense of shared achievement creates a powerful connection.

So where is the line between empowerment and disempowerment ?


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