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Prasant Sudhakaran

 Prasant spent the early part of his career in banking and management consulting, before moving into tech. He co-founded Tribal Credit, which has raised nearly $150m to date and is one of LatAm's fastest growing Fintech startups, with roots in Silicon Valley and Latin America. He also helped launch Tribal in Mexico, the MENA region and Singapore. 

He was previously based in New York, where he moonlighted as a Venture Partner at a VC firm, and as an adjunct faculty at New York University, 


Now in London, and a partner at a £20m fund focussed on the UK, Prasant invests in startups and advises tech firms. His main areas of expertise are in Product Management, Financial Analysis, Data Science, Algorithms and Fundraising. 

He has worked with many companies including Tribal Credit, Analect Ventures, New York University and KPMG. 


In this spare time, he enjoys reading and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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