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Arnaud Flecchia

After 12 years’ experience in senior management positions in large corporates (bank, logistics and environment) in the UK and then in France, Arnaud created Locken ( in 2003, with two partners. It soon became a European leader in the security industry. 

In 2007, he acquired Elo Mobile, that later merged with Vehco, and developed it to become the 4th player in the fleet telematics industry ( Overall, this group employed close to 150 employees with sales in excess of £35m in 11 countries. Between 2018 and 2020, he successively sold these businesses.

Arnaud is now a full time professional investor alongside private equity firms and he supports many start-ups through his active role in the business angel industry in Europe. He is also a non-executive director in various small & mid-sized family businesses.

Arnaud is a very competitive bridge player and a keen sportsman.

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