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Tina-Louise Foster

Tina-Louise founded Nimbus Nine Consulting in 2018, following her in-house career spanning 25 years in senior level roles. Leading brand expansions across EMEA into all consumer product categories. She’s worked for global studios Warner Bros. and DreamWorks, entertainment, and toy owners Celador (now Sony) and MGA Entertainment, plus fashion retailer Clarks.

Tina-Louise is award winning and a well-respected strategist with a strong, results driven track record throughout the brand licensing industry. Her current portfolio of clients spans lifestyle and entertainment sectors. With a fundamental understanding of each client’s core business, Tina-Louise is a key enabler to expanding brands and growing revenues.

Tina-Louise currently leads her specialised consultancy through multi-disciplines spanning brand strategy, creative product development, IP law, marketing, team leadership and management, retail & sales negotiation.

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