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Bernadette Thomas

Bernadette spent the best part of 20 years building her career in large corporates in senior HR roles, including Evolution Group (now part of Investec), LexisNexis and Deloitte. She then set up her own consultancy to focus on culture, behaviours and agile transformations.
Bernadette’s speciality is combining her knowledge of workplace culture and wellbeing to partner with organisations to promote and sustain high performing teams. She is also an executive coach, expert speaker and educator providing knowledge, insight and advice on leadership, wellbeing and menopause.
Bernadette is the Founder of The Wellbeing Games – a corporate welltech product to address the need for companies to improve employee wellbeing through better connections, engagement and productivity. It includes customers such as Burberry, Jagermeister, Simms, Theramex, Revitalise and Red Brick Road.

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